Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer in Alaska

I grew up in a midwestern city and am accustomed to hot, humid summer days. Summer in Los Angeles was long and my least favorite time of year because the sun was too hot, and it was too bright. I could only lay in the sun for an hour or so before the sunburn would arrive. But in Alaska, the summer is diverse. It gets cool and rainy, and then the sun comes out and it's warm and breezy with temperatures in the upper 70's. With the high humidity here, 78 degrees feels more like 88. I am LOVING this weather. Gosh I feel like an old woman on a rocking chair on the porch talking weather with the other old people. But weather is very important to me, and I love a good storm. Perhaps I was a meteorologist in a past life.

Anyhow, I am so glad we moved to Alaska. It is nothing like I expected. It's so much better. Personally, I have been promoted at work from my entry-level records job to a job better suited for my legal skill set. I work in government, for the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Clerk's office. I was promoted to the position of Deputy Borough Clerk. It's an honor and a privilege to work where I do, doing something I really enjoy.


  1. great to see everything is falling into place for you and PK, I can't wait to when Iola and I can come there to visit, See you two in 2011
    Dan VO

  2. I love living here, but I can't wait to get off the rock and vaca with you guys.